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Yawn… not another content marketing blog?

Trends change in marketing as they do in everything else, but there is no doubt content marketing is here to stay.  It occurred to us here at WORD-right that everyone except us had a content marketing blog, so we girl asleep at PCthought it was about time we had one too!

Marketing is an endless maze of jargon … inbound marketing, outbound marketing, relationship marketing and even such incomprehensible terms as ‘Nano Campaigning’ and ‘Horizontal Integration’?  No doubt you’re quite familiar with the term content marketing by now, but do you actually DO IT?

In case you don’t know, content marketing is a popular online strategy and its simple name sums it up perfectly …  writing content that’s published online.  It is an effective and proven way of increasing sales.  With statistics showing around 80 – 90% of people research online before making a buying decision, it isn’t hard to see why it’s so effective.

Content marketing isn’t about selling.  It is about informing and (much as I hate the word) ‘empowering’ your prospective customers.  Tell them what they want to know, give them the information to help them make decisions, answer their questions, and you are more likely to make the sale.

By writing informed articles about your product or service, you boost your credibility.  You also increase your ‘internet footprint’, which in turn helps your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation).  The more you work at your content marketing, the more awareness you create.

As I said earlier, content marketing shouldn’t be thinly disguised sales pitches.  Writing ‘how to’ or ‘about’ articles is powerful.  Fun articles attract a lot of interest too – we all like to be entertained.

I regularly visit Nina and Co’s blog.  Nina is a food and hospitality marketing specialist, there is always a lot there to interest me.  And they’re entertaining to read as well as being informative.

Copywriting has to be good, but it doesn’t have to be dull.  When it comes to content marketing your prospect has freedom of choice.  Give them something interesting and easy to read and there’s a good chance they’ll stick around.

So give it a go, and think about what can you write about today to kick start your company’s content marketing.  If you don’t have time to blog or create your own content… well, that’s what copywriters are for, innit?


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