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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Why you can’t buy copywriting ‘off the shelf’

BakeryAs copywriters, we frequently receive emails asking for quotes.  These are normally from people who have found our website or heard about us through social media channels.  Most of them give us very little information, so it’s impossible to send prices.  Yet, if we ask for more, we never hear from them again.

Copywriting isn’t a service you can buy ‘off the shelf’.  It’s not like buying a product.  Even if you went into a shop and asked for a loaf of bread, you would have to be more specific, and that’s a very simple purchase.  If you were sold a ‘value’ sliced white loaf when you wanted artisan sourdough, you would be sadly disappointed!

A copywriter provides a very personal and ‘bespoke’ service.  The cost will depend on what you want written, the word count, the complexity of the project … and much more.

Before a copywriter can start to write, there is a lot of work to be done. Generally more time is spent in research and planning than actually writing your copy.  Your brief has to be taken, the subject thoroughly researched and most importantly, your copywriter has to understand and feel your passion!  There are a hundred and one things to be taken into consideration.  Your objectives, your audience, the tone of voice …

It’s worth remembering that you can expect to pay just as much for a piece of short copy as you will for something longer.  This is because it takes time, work and a great deal of skill to convey a message in just a few words.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking it can be knocked out in ten minutes.

As copywriters, we charge for our services in a number of ways.  The most common is to provide a fixed quote for the job.  If we work on ongoing projects, we might be retained by the client on a day-rate basis.  Although rare, some copywriters might give you a price based on the final word count.

When we quote for a job, we have to take into account the research time, taking your brief, phone calls, meetings, emails, and any amendments you might want to make.   We might also need to factor in time to meet or liaise with your graphic designer or website developer.

So when you contact us asking for a quote, we will need more information and we do need to speak to you.  So don’t make the mistake of buying ‘value’ sliced bread when you need is an original artisan loaf …