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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Marketing? Make sure they have your number!

phoneI’m back on my soapbox for this blog.  No prizes for guessing I’m talking about accessibility again!  This time my target is the humble phone number.  We all have one, but do we actually make the best use of it?

It’s not rocket science.  As a business, you want enquiries.  You give people your phone number, they phone you, and you make a sale.  But it’s seldom that easy.

So here’s three of the best blunders in the business:

1. I’ve given you my phone number, does it matter how it’s written? Who cares if it’s inaccessible and really hard to read?

If like me, you need your specs to read small print, phone numbers without spaces are a no-hoper.

In desperation, I’ve often copied and pasted the number into Word to enlarge the font and add a space or two.  But note the word ‘desperation’. If it’s not urgent or if I can go elsewhere, I just won’t bother making that call!

Adding spaces to a phone number means your customer can read it at a glance.  Try it for yourself: 02392503742 or 02392 503742, or even better, 02392 503 742.

Of course I know numbers are often hyperlinked so they can be called direct from a phone and that can eliminate the spaces. But think about the dinosaurs (like me) who are at a PC. If in doubt, check your website stats to see how many people are actually using a mobile device to view your website. If you have a high percentage from a mobile, all fine and wonderful. If you don’t, put in those spaces … please.

2. I want your business but you can’t have my phone number … because I don’t want to be interrupted by the phone ringing.

This is something I read a while ago on a forum and I was at a loss for words!  I’m afraid if I want to buy your services, I jolly well want a real person at the other end of the phone. And I want one who can be bothered to speak to me.

3. Nothing better to do with your time?  How about a game of hide and seek?  My phone number’s on the website, but I dare you to find it!

This one’s always popular.  Have you got ten minutes to spare scouring a website for a cunningly hidden phone number?  I’m afraid I haven’t.

4. I’m an important marketing consultant. I don’t have to give you my phone number.

This was a recent find. I came across a marketing consultant with a very flash website. There was no phone number to be found. Anywhere. I looked. And I looked.

Were they too busy and too important to answer the phone, or had they simply forgotten to add it?  Either way, I would doubt the abilities of any marketer who would deny potential clients the opportunity to pick up the phone and call them.

So there you have it.  My phone number accessibility rant is over.  Please, if you want to increase your business, make it easy for your prospective customers to get in touch.

And just for the record, if you want to call me about your copywriting needs, the number is 02392 503742.  It’s never too much trouble to answer the phone!

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