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Monthly Archives: March 2014

SEO Copywriting Makes Beautiful Bells Ring

Beautiful Bells bell tent hire wedding bellBeautiful Bells, a bell tent hire company based in Portsmouth, launched last summer. WORD-right and WEB-right were delighted to be asked to develop their website. Although the site wasn’t going to go live until the new year, Beautiful Bells had already secured their domain name and set up a Facebook page.

Initially, we created a single optimised ‘holding page’ website with a brief explanation of their bell tent hire service and a downloadable PDF factsheet. The purpose of this was two-fold. It gave Beautiful Bells a temporary internet presence and started the optimisation process. By the time the full site was developed, Google had indexed the page.

Katrina, the owner of Beautiful Bells, doesn’t do anything by halves and is competitive by nature. She realised to succeed, she needed a website that performed well. So SEO copywriting, and spending time marketing her services were high on her list of priorities. On the 19th January, just two months ago today, the ‘proper’ site went live.

Katrina has continued to update her site regularly, posting blogs and updating the content. We’ve worked to help her understand how to write effective SEO copy and she is about to create two new pages from scratch herself, with a little supervision from us, of course.

In this short time, their bell tent hire service has taken off. They are fully booked for several weeks and weekends throughout the season. They’ve had to invest in additional tents and they’re still turning down bookings because they are at capacity.

Like all good marketers, the Beautiful Bells team ask prospective customers how they heard about the bell tent hire service. Despite having more than 1,100 Facebook fans, 70% of bookings have come from internet searches.

In the early days before the site started to optimise, Katrina’s internet marketing and social media campaigns were responsible for driving traffic to the website. But it wasn’t long before the search engines indexed the site and organic searches started to account for a higher percentage of the traffic. Now, just two months on, the results are staggering.

An SEO check today revealed the following:


  • 24 key search terms on the first page
  • 21 in the top five results
  • 9 in first position

Yahoo and Bing

  • 22 key search terms on the first page of both search engines .
  • 18 in the top five results
  • 3 in first position

These results are impressive, particularly in such a short time. But it’s important to remember few bell tent hire companies make this level of commitment to their website and SEO. Competitors’ sites are often inadequately optimised with poorly-written copy, which makes their SEO performance vulnerable.
Many businesses operate in similar situations, where few realise the importance of a strong online presence. Being the one person or company in your industry sector to invest in your internet marketing, website and SEO could put you well ahead of the competition.

The bottom line? Copywriting is the principal element in SEO. If you’ve never quite believed it, or thought it wasn’t worth the investment, Beautiful Bells is living proof that SEO copywriting is worth every penny, and critical to your website’s success and your profitability.

We wanted to write and say thank you. As a small business having a professionally designed website was a significant investment and also quite scary! What can I say? The support and help has been overwhelming and most of the enquiries and bookings we are taking are coming from Google! I spoke to another client today who said ‘your website is lovely’ and this isn’t the first time!

A huge thank you from Steve and I, and if you ever change your mind about glamping – the tent’s on us!

Beautiful Bells Bell Tent Hire