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Copywriting and why we aren’t ‘able to’ …

WordsEnglish is a wonderfully expressive language, so as copywriters we have to make sure we deliver the right message.  It’s important because so many words and phrases in the English language can be misconstrued.

Much of this is down to perception.  A copywriter on Twitter recently asked if one would use the word ‘aroma’ when describing coffee.  Generally, we would say we love the ‘smell’ of freshly ground coffee.  In some cases, using the word ‘aroma’ could seem almost pretentious.  A copywriter has to deal with these nuances on a daily basis.

One phrase in particular has me reaching for my red pen.  As soon as I see the words ‘is able to … ‘, I experience doubts about that person or company’s abilities.

Copywriting is about delivering punchy copy which incites the reader to act.  Weak phrases like ‘is able to’ fail.  Saying someone is ‘able to’ do something suggests they might be able to … on a good day.  Or perhaps … they’ll have a go … and if you’re lucky …

So next time you’re writing or speaking about your business, strike a positive note.  Tell your prospective customer ‘you can’, ‘you will’ and ‘you do’!


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