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Capital letters – the where, when, and why

The incorrect use of a capital letter is guaranteed to tie someone’s knickers in a knot.  Capitals are missed out where they should be used, and used in abundance where they shouldn’t. So if capital letters are your stumbling block, here’s an explanation which might help … Capital letters at the start of sentences The… Continue Reading

Copywriting and why we aren’t ‘able to’ …

English is a wonderfully expressive language, so as copywriters we have to make sure we deliver the right message.  It’s important because so many words and phrases in the English language can be misconstrued. Much of this is down to perception.  A copywriter on Twitter recently asked if one would use the word ‘aroma’ when… Continue Reading

A common copywriting casualty – tight copy

When I’m wearing my copywriting course tutor’s hat, I’m frequently heard banging on about ‘tight copy’ to my students.  If you haven’t come across the term, it means eliminating all those useless ‘ifs’, ‘ands’, and ‘buts’, and never using ten words when one will do. A couple of years ago I was doing some research… Continue Reading