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Why marketing doesn’t have to break the bank

Many small businesses regard marketing as a dirty word.  I’ve had several conversations with business people over the years who have declared (in a disgusted tone of voice), “We don’t do anything like that!”. One barrier seems to be the idea that marketing is nothing more than advertising.  Advertising is just one tool in your… Continue Reading

Yawn… not another content marketing blog?

Trends change in marketing as they do in everything else, but there is no doubt content marketing is here to stay.  It occurred to us here at WORD-right that everyone except us had a content marketing blog, so we thought it was about time we had one too! Marketing is an endless maze of jargon… Continue Reading

Why you can’t buy copywriting ‘off the shelf’

As copywriters, we frequently receive emails asking for quotes.  These are normally from people who have found our website or heard about us through social media channels.  Most of them give us very little information, so it’s impossible to send prices.  Yet, if we ask for more, we never hear from them again. Copywriting isn’t… Continue Reading