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Ode to copywriting

An attack of ode-mode … just for fun …


Oh woe … oh woe … oh woe is me
I don’t know what to write.
I’ve sat at my computer …
All day and half the night!

I’ve written this and I’ve written that
but none of it sounds right.
Please will someone help me …
and tell me what to write!

I’ve got to run my business
I can’t waste time like this.
I need to write my website …
but I’ve a deadline I cannot not miss!

What’s that you said?
Copywriters … what are they?
You mean there’s really someone …
who knows just what to write and say?

Someone who’ll write my copy?
… you’ve taken me aback!
You mean I’ll get my website done …
and get my designer off my back?

My mind’s made up. I feel relieved!
I’ll call WORD-right straight away!
Then I’ll get on with what I do best …
… and they can write all day!