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Ode to copywriting

An attack of ode-mode … just for fun …


Oh woe … oh woe … oh woe is me
I don’t know what to write.
I’ve sat at my computer …
All day and half the night!

I’ve written this and I’ve written that
but none of it sounds right.
Please will someone help me …
and tell me what to write!

I’ve got to run my business
I can’t waste time like this.
I need to write my website …
but I’ve a deadline I cannot not miss!

What’s that you said?
Copywriters … what are they?
You mean there’s really someone …
who knows just what to write and say?

Someone who’ll write my copy?
… you’ve taken me aback!
You mean I’ll get my website done …
and get my designer off my back?

My mind’s made up. I feel relieved!
I’ll call WORD-right straight away!
Then I’ll get on with what I do best …
… and they can write all day!

A website or a white elephant?

Having celebrated the first year of the Beautiful Bells bell tent hire website at the end of January, we thought we’d take a look back and see how it had developed. In our earlier blog, the Beautiful Bells’ website was just two months old.  Even then, its SEO performance was impressive.  Now the site has… Continue Reading