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Why customer service inspires loyalty

smiley balloonAs copywriters, we use a lot of ink and toner cartridges.  At each stage of writing our clients’ copy, we print, check and revise what we’ve written.

Yesterday morning, our recently replaced printer cartridge failed.  But no problem.  We went online to Toner Giant and used their online chat facility to explain the problem.

Less than 24 hours later, our free replacement cartridge arrived by first class, signed-for post.  We’re no strangers to Toner Giant.  We’ve consistently bought our ink cartridges from them for a few years now.  Why? Because their prices are keen, of course.  But also because when it comes to customer service, they’ve nailed it.

They don’t quibble.  They don’t make excuses.  They don’t take days (or even weeks) to respond.  They make sure the problem is addressed – fast – and their customers are happy.

I might also add that there is no hassle or cost involved in returning the faulty cartridge.  In many cases customers are expected to bear the cost of returning goods to the supplier.  Toner Giant uses a free post address, so our only cost is the time it takes to post the package.

How many companies do this?  Not enough in my opinion.  Perhaps as small businesses, we should all be taking a leaf out of Toner Giant’s book.

Recently we had cause to complain to a company about a very inadequate product.  In response, we received a vitriolic email telling us we had no right to upset their staff and we had destroyed the goodwill they felt towards us.  Hang on a minute!  We’re the customer here.  Goodwill is what customers feel about their suppliers.  It’s not the other way around.

Would we go back to that company again? No.  Would we go back to Toner Giant who deal with problems professionally and quickly? Yes and we have done, time and time again.  There is no doubt customer service is a powerful marketing tool and it’s guaranteed to inspire loyalty.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy


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  1. Hi Joy, what a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much, it really means a lot to us to know how much we mean to you and all of our customers!

    You are and always will be our number 1 priority so we will always do what we can to give you the best experience possible!


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