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Brand broadcasting – what the ‘eck is that?

Brand broadcasting Knowing Your Business show logoNever heard of brand broadcasting, eh?  Then you’re missing a trick.  Let me explain …

Brand broadcasting is part of brand journalism.  Brand journalism in turn, is part of content marketing.  With me so far?  Don’t you just love those trendy terms?  Is there a roomful of copywriters somewhere who do nothing else but dream them up?

But whatever your thoughts about buzz words, brand broadcasting is BIG and it’s a huge opportunity to market your business.  And that’s just what the Knowing Your Business Show is all about – promoting your business.

radio headphonesHow brand broadcasting works

  • You are booked to speak live on radio talking about your favourite topic – your business.
  • In advance of your radio appearance, you and the show organisers promote your interview via social media, blogs and on the show website
  • On the day itself, you are interviewed (over the phone – no scary microphones and kit to worry about) and talk about your business or specialist subject for about 20 minutes.
  • After the show, your personal podcast is produced and is hosted on the radio show’s website.  The podcast is available on-demand.
  • You and the show organisers promote your podcast using social media, blogs and word of mouth.

The benefits of brand broadcasting

Awareness – a huge extended audience finds out more about your business and you, increasing awareness and your potential sales.  It enhances your credibility.  What better way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to prospective customers?  Listening to you talking intelligently about your business and its benefits is persuasive stuff.

Cost-effective – think about the cost of advertising, either in print or even Google adwords.  The cost is high.  Yet it’s here today – gone tomorrow.  For a fraction of the cost of advertising, brand broadcasting carries on working and stands the test of time.  What’s more, its affordable – even for small businesses.

SEO and brand broadcasting

Everyone wants to boost their SEO.  It’s a fact of life.  Brand broadcasting can help you do this.  As you and the show organisers promote your radio appearance and your podcast, traffic is driven to your website.  Dedicated SEO-friendly landing pages are also created on the Knowing Your Business website, which link back to your site.

Want to know more about it?  Fancy yourself as a radio star?  Visit the Knowing Your Business website and download the show schedule and book your slot.  Brand broadcasting is the marketing of the future and something you can take advantage of today.

Did I mention I’m one of the show’s guest presenters?  No? Well, you know me – modest to the last.

Blog post by Joy McCarthy


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