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Pay per click advertising and landing page copywriting

Pay per click (PPC) is a popular and recognised way of advertising online, but to make sure your PPC campaign is effective you need well-written adverts. In addition, you must make sure your corresponding SEO landing pages are correctly written.

Many people invest in PPC with little knowledge of how to set up their campaigns, and link their adverts to inappropriate landing pages. As a result, the conversion rate is poor and their resulting low-quality score means paying over the odds for their clicks.

The key to a successful PPC campaign is a well-written advert and a properly optimised custom landing page. If your pay per click campaign isn’t delivering, contact the WORD-right SEO copywriters today on 023 92 503 742.

Effective PPC relies on well-written ads & landing pages

What are PPC landing pages?

When you create a PPC advert, it links to your website. The PPC landing page is simply the page on your website where the reader ‘lands’ after clicking on your advert.

Many companies running pay per click campaigns link their PPC adverts to the home page of their website. But PPC landing pages should be more closely targeted than this. The landing page should deliver the promise of the advert itself.

For example, if the WORD-right copywriters were to set up a PPC advert for ‘copywriting for PPC landing pages’ which directed you to the home page of this website, you would have to spend time looking for the relevant page. However, if the advert directed you to this page about writing pay per click adverts and landing pages, you would find the information immediately.

Being directed to the wrong page on a website is a source of annoyance to the potential customer, who is likely to click out of your site unless they find the information they want immediately.

Custom landing pages

Each PPC advert should be linked to a custom landing page for maximum benefit. Each landing page should be appropriate to the advert content and provide the reader with the information they need immediately. If you’re planning a PPC campaign, WORD-right’s copywriters will write effective custom landing pages to work alongside your advertisement. This will help increase your conversion rate and reduce your CPC (cost per click).

Contact WORD-right today by email or by phone on 023 92 503 742 and benefit from well-written PPC adverts and effective landing pages.